WCU's library director is Dana Sally
ASU's library director is Mary Reichel

Hope everyone made it home safe.


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Hi Jill. I'm planning to write them now. Could you give their names (i.e., in addition to the email addresses below)?

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>  Code4Lib attendees,
> We have had many folks tell us how much they appreciate the Van service we
> provided from and to the airport. Many asked how they can thank us...  After thinking
> about this, here is how you can show your appreciation and graditude..
> This service was provided through a generious donation of staff time and van mileage
> from Western Carolina Univ and AppState Univ libraries.  So we were thinking that you
> can thank us by sending an email to our directors thanking them for supporting this
> conference this year.
> Here are their emails:
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> Jill Ellern