We received three excellent proposals for hosting the 2011 conference,
and now it is time to vote on them!  Voting is open for a week.
(Actually, I don't know the close date/time but we should have a week
or so to vote.  Ross?)

How to vote:

1. Go here:

2. Log in using your credentials (register at if you haven't done so already).  If you have trouble
authenticating, contact myself and Ryan Wick (ryanwick at gmail).

3. Click on a host's name to reveal a link to the full proposal

4. Assign each proposal a rank from 0 to 3, 0 being least desirable
and 3 being the most.  Please keep the conference requirements and
desirables in mind as you make your selection:

5. Once you are satisfied with your rankings, click "Cast your ballot".

6. Want to change your rankings?  You can!  As often as you'd like,
even, up until the vote closes.

Feel free to watch for
returns, or hop into irc:// and type

Thanks to Ross "Works Hard For The Money" Singer for setting the vote
up, as always!