Could you please add your slides to the 2010 conference program by Monday?
See details below (or email me a PDF and/or URL and I'll do the rest.)

*Where should I put the PDF?
*For the lightning talks, please add a PDF to

For keynotes and 20-minute talks, there's a page. Please attach a PDF
version of slides. If there's a GoogleDocs/slideshare version, please embed
it. You can find the page for your presentation from the schedule:

Here's what we're going for:

If you've already put up a PPT version or linked to slideshare/GoogleDocs,
thanks! I'll add a PDF version. If that doesn't work for you, please let me

PS - Should we have a page for each preconference? I see slides linked from
the solr blackbelt, for instance.

PPS - Let's find a better way to do this next year!