I love how we changed the name of this thread to "PHP bashing" just in time for it to become a thread about duct tape.

And y'all are forgetting the best automotive use for duct tape: as a temporary scaffolding for smearing Bondo onto. 
I just did this, in fact, and have the pink residue on my fingernails to prove it. 

And yes, since you ask: I use PHP all the time... ;) 
Though not for odd jobs -- that's what Perl is for.

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>'s pretty good for plugging leaks in ducts.

Actually, true story:

I was in the hardware store, poking around the tape section, with a roll of your typical silver duct tape in my hand, obviously browsing.  An employee came up to me asking what I was looking for, and for what purpose.

I told him I was actually going to be taping metal ducts, to which he pointed at the duct tape in my hand and replied "oh, then that's not what you want, this is what you want", and handed me some strange plastic stuff I'd never seen before.

So, apparently duct tape isn't even good for taping ducts anymore.


>> At the risk of taking an off-topic conversation even further into
>> Peanut Heaven, automotive hose repair is actually one of the things
>> duct tape is least well-suited to. The adhesive doesn't bond when wet,
>> it's not strong enough to hold much pressure or vacuum (especially
>> moderate continuous pressure), and it fails very quickly at even
>> moderately high temperatures. And it tends to leave goo all over
>> everything, thus adding headaches to the proper repair you'll still
>> need later.
>> Duct tape is OK for keeping a wire bundle out of your fan or
>> something, but if you try to fix a leak in your radiator hose with it,
>> you'll still be stranded and also have gooey duct tape adhesive all
>> over the place.
>> Extending these points to the ongoing language debate is an exercise
>> that will benefit no one ;-)
>> Cheers (and just get that hose replaced ;-)
>> -Nate