Well, that's only because the further north you are the more likely a 
foot of snow is.

Pretty much everywhere can handle their 90% of the time weather, but 
cant' handle their 10th percentile extremist weather. There's probably a 
clear economically calculatable reason for that.

But anyway... can we maybe move all the conf 'me toos' to the conf list, 
instead of the main code4lib list, and return the main code4lib list to 
lower-traffic discussion of code?


John Fereira wrote:
> Julia Bauder wrote:
>> Also, the farther north we go, the more likely that snow+airplane
>> incompatibilities will foil speakers' (and attendees'!) travel plans at the
>> last minute, which isn't fun for anyone.
> On the other hand, the farther north you go, the more likely airports 
> would be better prepared to handle winter weather.   It seems that a 
> foot of snow can cripple transportation when it arrives in more southern 
> locales but it hardly gets noticed when it hits a place like Syracuse.