So I've received 2 out of 4 "conference reviews" from scholarship 
attendees.  Will be sent in two subsequent messages to list, to not go over maximum message size. 

I am personally NOT very happy with them, not sure if I'm interested in 
publishing them or not.  They unfortunately the kind of "what I did on 
my Code4Lib Summer Vacation" articles that I was trying to discourage, 
I'm not sure whether they are actually useful for our journal audience?

Somehow last year I succeeded in encouraging the scholarship recipients 
to avoid this kind of thing and write something actually interesting for 
a general audience. This year, not so much. In part, this may be that i 
had less time to spend on it, and wasn't as careful with my 
communications with the invitees.  I think that initially telling the 
recipients that their required report for the scholarship committee and 
their article in C4LJ are the same thing didn't help either.

But I'm not sure what to do at this point.  I would really appreciate 
someone else taking a look at these reviews, and giving some feedback on 
whether the journal should publish them at all -- or maybe skip the 
"reviews from scholarship awardees" this year? Or something else? 

Of the other 2 outstanding, one is promissed by the author for today, 
the other I haven't heard from the author, so assume it's not coming.