(Sorry for the late weigh-in...)

From Ross Singer:
> I totally agree we're
> past the point of hand waviness and just need to model this stuff
> /pragmatically/ (i.e. in a manner we think we could actually use), at
> scale, and have something to point to.
> And then release whatever comes out of it so other can do the same
> thing.  Honestly, I believe we're at a stage of librarian-exhaustion
> over RDA and FRBR that the first decent working example of this,
> however removed from the actual specs, will become the defacto
> standard.

A concrete FBR implementation at not truly but something starting to look a bit like scale (80K sound recordings, 105K scores) is one of the most important goals of the Variations/FRBR project at Indiana. Stay tuned - we should have a first beta search system for folks to look at really soon now! I couldn't agree more the only way we're going to move forward at this point is to really put this thing into practice.


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