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To the JHOVE/JHOVE2 community:


A new alpha release of JHOVE2 is now available for download and
evaluation (v. 0.6.0, 2010-03-17).  Distribution packages (in zip and
tar.gz form) are available on the JHOVE2 public wiki at
The new

JHOVE2 architecture reflected in this prototype is described in the
attached architectural overview


The distribution package contains two driver scripts in the JHOVE2 home
directory: a DOS shell script (jhove2.bat) for Windows and a Bourne
shell script ( for Unix/Linux.  Please see the download page
for instructions on any modifications that need to be made to these
scripts to run in your environment.


You can verify the installation with the command (for Unix):


      % ./ test.xml -o test.xml.out


This command should produce results similar to



The prototype supports the following features:


*	Format identification, validation, feature extraction, and
message digest. 
*	Appropriate recursive processing of directories, file sets,
clumps, and container files (see the architectural overview for the
definition of file sets and clumps). 
*	High performance buffered I/O using the Java NIO package. 
*	Integration with DROID <>
for file identification. 
*	Message digesting for the following algorithms: Adler-32,
CRC-32, MD2, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 
*	Results formatted as text (name/value pairs), JSON, and XML 
*	Use of the Spring Framework v2.5.6
Inversion-of-Control (IOC) container for flexible application and module
configuration using dependency injection. 
*	Complete modules: 

*       UTF-8 module

*       XML module

*	A partially functional Zip module. 
*	A minimally functional Shapefile module. 


Please be aware of the following limitations and caveats:


*	JHOVE2 requires a 1.6 JRE. 
*	This prototype is being made available to provide an early look
at the new JHOVE2 architecture and APIs. While the full processing model
is demonstrated, there is limited format support at this time.  
*	The aggregate-level identification module (i.e. the "aggrefier"
module) has been configured by the Spring configuration files in this
distribution to recognize a Shapefile formed by the files with the
extensions ".shp", ".shx", and ".dbf".  The Shapefile module itself
however is minimally functional. 
*	There is no assessment module available for review at this time


The project team is now working on additional format modules.  These
will be added to the public distribution as they become available.


Utility scripts are also included in the JHOVE2 installation directory
to support Windows (.bat) and Unix/Linux (.sh):

*	jhove2_doc - JHOVE2 Reportable documentation utility. 
*	jhove2_upfg - JHOVE2 utility to generate editable Java
properties file for units of measure settings for Reportable features
that have a Numeric type 
*	jhove2_dpfg - JHOVE2 utility to generate editable Java
properties file for Displayer settings for Reportable features 


Please see the download page for instructions on running these scripts
in your environment.


We would very much like to receive your feedback on the new code.  While
the current state of the code is the product of much internal review and
refactoring, your evaluations and suggestions, based on a wide diversity
of experience and needs, will be welcome as we continue to move forward
with our work.


Please direct your comments and suggestions to the "JHOVE2-TechTalk-L"

mailing list




for community discussion.


Thank you,


Stephen Abrams   / California Digital Library

Tom Cramer       / Stanford University

Sheila Morrissey / Portico

On behalf of the JHOVE2 project team



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