*** Apologies for cross-posting ***

We are excited to share some news about the Memento (Time Travel for  
the Web) effort. Memento proposes to extend HTTP with datetime content  
negotiation as a means to better integrate the present and past Web.  
The Memento effort is partly funded by the Library of Congress.

=> The MementoFox add-on for FireFox browsers has been released. It  
allows time travel on the Web in a manner compliant with the Memento  

(*) The MementoFox add-on can be downloaded at < 

(*) Suggested Web time travels that can be undertaken using the add-on  
are described at <>. They involve  
navigations for both the document Web and the Linked Data cloud.

=> There is also a Memento plug-in available for the MediaWiki  
platform.  The plug-in provides support for Memento-style navigation  
of a Wiki's history pages.

(*) The MediaWiki plug-in can be downloaded at  < 

(*) If you run a MediaWiki platform, please install this plug-in and  
let us know the URI of your Wiki.

=> Further pointers for recent Memento developments:

(*) Memento site <>.

(*) Since Memento was first announced in November 2009, improvements  
have been made to the technical framework. Most notably, all of the  
concerns related to Web caching have been addressed such that the  
framwork now takes maximal advantage of the existing caching  
infrastructure. Overviews of the framework are available via < 

(*) Some major Web Archives have started working towards Memento  
support. See <>.

We are very interested in your feedback. Discussions are welcomed on  
the Memento list at <>.


On behalf of the Memento team:

Herbert Van de Sompel - Los Alamos National Laboratory
Michael  L. Nelson - Old Dominion University
Robert Sanderson - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Herbert Van de Sompel
Digital Library Research & Prototyping
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Research Library
tel. +1 505 667 1267