A couple of you on the list may have been at the EAC-CPF: Moving
forward with Authority thing at NARA today.

I can't post a link to the demo site yet, but all the source for my
part of the EAC-CPF XTF prototype for the Social Networking in
Archival Context project is at

These are libraries I'm investigating for visualization of the social
network. ->

Protovis' Arc Diagrams and Matrix Diagrams look the most interesting
to me right now, but I'm also interested in making the network graph
visualization interactive so one can explore dynamically the areas
they are interested in.

Right now there is limited support for the creation of graphviz .dot
file from search results that can be feed to neato

Ed Summers was asking me during a break today about support for
embedded linked data in the HTML view of the EAC record.  I have to
admit I'm a bit of a linked data skeptic, but I'd be interested to
explore how we could better support interoperability with linked data
initiatives in the prototype.

If anyone has EAC records they are playing with and would like to try
this out I'd love to hear any feedback you might have on the code and
learn of any issues there might be with your EAC records (I've tried
to base it off the tag library as much as possible, but I've only
tested it with the EAC Daniel has been creating from EAD).

-- Brian