Brian Tingle wrote:
> apache httpd has a mod_proxy module can let apache act as a proxy server.
> You should be able to use this with htpasswd files you would use to
> secure a web directory with apache.

You can also combine it with Nick Kew's mod_proxy_html to fix any websites that
are sending absolute URLs (which many publishers do).

But I've been implementing this for a few sites for a few years and
it's still basically an unsustainable game of trying to keep updating
the proxy configurations to match changes made by website publishers.
Publishers generally don't announce or document changes and even
sometimes refuse to discuss them with their paying customers!

So, if you can, I'd go for distributed authentication like Shibboleth.

Does OCLC automatically update EZProxy configuration to match
website publisher updates?

I'd be happy to develop and supply free and open source proxy
configurations with a wiki of sample configurations based on our past
experiences.  We'd troubleshoot and contact publishers when needed.
Would anyone be interested in subscribing to such a service from the

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