I'm part of a project at Oxford University in the UK that is looking at how we can enhance the 'Citation Helper' module in Sakai (which is used to provide the Oxford learning environment 'WebLearn')  - enabling faculty members to add resources from the Oxford 'resource discovery' solution SOLO (Primo, from Ex Libris) and displaying holdings/availability information alongside items in the resource lists.

I've just blogged some more information about the project (from my own point of view), outlining the approach we are taking. We are aiming to achieve the integrations through a 'loosely coupled' approach making use of common standards/specifications including:

Juice framework
DLF-ILS GetAvailability
DAIA (possibly)

All this should be mean that what we do at Oxford can be easily transferred to other environments. There is a lot more detail in the blog post at, and I'd really welcome comments/suggestions/issues/questions to inform the project as we start developing the solutions for Sir Louie.



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