Also this is the finest review of significant mobile device capabilities
I've seen since 2003. Do take into account that we're back to the future
with rampant nit-picky differences between browser engines:

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Hi all,

Forking off from the mobile-detection thread:

Does anyone have any favorite books, articles, websites, etc. for the
real "how to" business of building mobile-friendly websites. I have been
astonished at the apparent dearth of such books, and was delighted
earlier this year to discover Jonathan Stark's Building iPhone Apps with
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from O'Reilly (2010); he has an
Android-oriented version of the book coming out soon too. Although the
book contains a lot about designing web pages, the app-building
orientation of the book means that it gives short shrift to
cross-platform compatibility. What I really want to find is a good guide
to "building simple websites that will work on any smartphone, yea,
verily, even BlackBerry." (I don't know about anyone else, but I have
found BB to not support a lot of things that work well on Droids and

For a shorter introduction, I belatedly discovered this article:
Mobile Websites With Minimum Effort.
Authors:    Wisniewski, Jeff
Source:    Online; Jan/Feb2010, Vol. 34 Issue 1, p54-57, 4p

The number-one thing that I learned from Stark's book is something that
I had struggled for the longest time with: why does my iThing make all
web pages look tiny? The answer: iThings assume that all web pages are
980px wide, and you've got to disabuse them of that notion by the simple
expedient of defining a viewport in the page header:
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">
(there are several variations of this, and knowing the key word helps to
find the rest.)

Does anyone else have a favorite book or three for this kind of work?