Hello all -

David Reynolds (JHU) and I wanted to remind everyone and inform those who might be new that there is a relatively informal Project Managers Group that regularly meets as part of the DLF Forum and maintains a listserv as a resource for those of us who manage digital projects.

As part of this year's Fall Forum, the Project Managers Group will focus on the use of agile development techniques in project management. We're still putting together the details of the program (which will be the morning of November 1st), but there will be plenty of room for discussion and conversation. If you are interested in coming, please check that you will be attending during the registration process at

If you are interested in subscribing to the DLF Project Managers listserv, go to:
and click "Subscribe or Unsubscribe" under Options on the right side of the page.


Sarah Shreeves (UIUC) and David Reynolds (JHU)