Hello Content Working Group members:

The broad goal of the Content Working Group of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance is to work to identify, select and steward culturally significant digital collections to be preserved and made available to current and future generations. That's quite a task, as you can imagine, so to get us started thinking about what this really means, my fellow working group contacts here at LC have set up a way for us to begin to gather ideas about what the specific work might be.

It is ultimately your input that will determine the specific scope of activity for the group.

We'd like to begin by gathering information that will comprise a scope of work document for each group. To help track suggestions more formally we’ve implemented an IdeaScale instance, now officially open at IdeaScale is a free resource, but you do need to create an account.

IdeaScale has been used by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the FCC’s National Broadband Plan initiative, the Mozilla Labs, Avid’s ProTools software and the Boy Scouts (!) amongst many others to collect ideas from their customers/stakeholders, give those stakeholders a platform to vote on submissions and then allow the most important ideas to bubble to the top.

We encourage you to utilize IdeaScale to submit ideas for the Content Working group and to comment on other postings to start the conversation on how to shape the output of the group. Once you are at, click on "Content Working Group" under "categories" on the left side of the screen.  You are also free to submit ideas for other working groups, or send me a suggestion via email. 

A more formal timetable will be released shortly for the development of the scope of work documents, but we are hoping to compile the top IdeaScale submissions by the end of September and distribute a draft scope of work by mid-October.  

Let me know if you have any questions or problems getting IdeaScale accounts setup. Otherwise, start submitting ideas and commenting and voting on others! We welcome your active participation. 


PS  Thank you for all of the introductions so far! It's been great getting to know all of you a bit better. If you haven't yet posted an introduction, please consider doing so.

Abbie Grotke
Web Archiving Team Lead
Office of Strategic Initiatives
National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program
Library of Congress
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