Just a reminder that we are seeking a chair for the working group (details below). If you are interested, please contact me at [log in to unmask] by October 1. 

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Subject: [NDSA-CONTENT] Call for a Content Working Group Chair

Dear Content WG Members:

We hope to have the Chair of the Content Working Group in place by Oct. 15. If you are interesting in filling that position, please express your interest to me by October 1.  A description is below, but please let me know if you have any questions.
Working Group Chair

The Working Group Chair is a volunteer position held by an NDSA member.
The working group chair commits to promoting the tasks of the working group for a period of 18 months. The chair helps direct the activities of the group around areas of interest that have been identified by the participants. Tasks include:
*         Work with group members to coordinate the preparation of a charter for the working group that sets out a scope of activity for the period.  The scope of work will include frequency and venue of online and/or face-to-face meetings, definition of deliverables or work products of the group and recruitment of members to accomplish the work.
*       Be a point of contact for working group members.
*       Engage the members in online discussions
*       Chair working group meetings either online or face-to-face
*       Provide a status update call with the entire working group on a regular basis
*       Provide a status update call with the LC contact on a regular basis
*       Encourage and promote the work of the group
*       Identify key contributors to the work at hand and engage them in participating
In support of the working group, the Library of Congress will provide a point of contact for the group from the NDIIPP staff. This person will assist the working group chair in arranging and organizing the efforts of the group. A brief description of some of the tasks the LC contact will provide follows.
Working Group LC contact (that's me!) 

The Working Group LC contact is a position held by staff at LC for a period of 3 years. This person will support the working group and promote the tasks of that group. Support includes:
*       Assist Chair to recruit and support members to accomplish working group tasks
*       Organize  logistical support for the group including:
      o    Arranging for conference calls, WebEx sessions, or video conferencing as necessary
      o    Arranging face-to-face meetings for the working group as appropriate
      o    Maintaining a listserv for the group
*       Participate in a status update call with the entire working on a regular basis
*       Participate in a update call with the chair every on a regular basis
*       Encourage and Promote the work of the group
*       Coordinate with other working groups to leverage the efforts of each group for the benefit of the entire Alliance

Abbie Grotke
Web Archiving Team Lead
Office of Strategic Initiatives
National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program Library of Congress
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