Thanks Ian, I read your powerpoint before.

I am trying to do similar thing, I have tried to crawl the xrecord and i am
confused with the code generated to represent Multi byte character. (most of
our record use Chinese character).
III XML generate special encoding, something like {21357} and i am really
having problem to convert
those character back to Unicode.

And after those exportation, are there any way to automate the process? For
example, catalog librarian created
a new record, what is the proper way to auto-update XML record without using
Create List function?


2010/10/19 Kyle Banerjee <[log in to unmask]>

> On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 7:28 AM, Wayne Lam <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > Any people have experience in exporting bib data in Innovative Interface
> > to sort of XML db? How is it going to be done actually?
> > and What could be the best way of doing this?
> >
> What's the use case you have in mind? Also, when say bib data, does that
> mean item data is not needed?
> IMO, the easiest way to get bib data out of III is just doing a MARC dump
> of
> the bib files. The process is clean, you can convert the data to whatever
> format you like, and you're golden
> If you are only interested in certain fields, it might be easier to use
> delimited output from Create Lists -- particularly if how the fields are
> indexed in III is important to you.
> The other major alternatives include making sure xrecord is enabled and
> then
> just picking all the records up in XML. Unless the III specific fields
> (e.g.
> bcodes, suppression codes, etc) or what internal III tags are associated
> with each MARC field are important for your application, I recommend
> against
> this approach. III generates the second suckiest XML I've seen in my life
> so
> it's a PITA to work with (the State of Oregon CMS generates XML with a
> level
> of suckiness that will never be topped).
> You can also crawl the public OPAC and parsing the textual representation
> of
> the MARC bib record. If you don't have admin rights on the machine, this is
> not a horrible way to go since you don't need to worry about waiting for
> people to help you, dealing with Create List files that are only a tiny
> fraction the size of the entire DB, etc. III bib records are numbered
> sequentially, so it's easy enough to guess an entire database and pull up
> every record in the webopac by bib control number.
> kyle