For access restriction, I mean we would like to have certain documents open only to certain communities (UpLib cannot do that, right?). I don't know how DRM affects file indexing.

On second thought, I searched for "DSpace full text search" and found this:
However, I haven't seen any instance which shows the full text search results as I would see from vendor databases.

Any idea on what system might be good/best for search within documents and DRM?
Thank you for the reply!

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Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] DL Systems (allowing search within documents and access restrictions)?

Deng, Sai <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Do you know the Digital Library systems which can search within the
> documents (e.g. PDFs) and handle access restrictions (e.g. DRM)?

Not sure what you mean by "handle access restrictions".  Do you mean it
can index the documents put into it even if they have DRM encumbrances?

UpLib has "search within the documents" -- if you search for a word or
phrase, it shows you all the documents which match, but also all the
pages in each document which match.  Supports a wide variety of document
formats, from JPEG2000 to PDF to Powerpoint.  But as far as I know it
doesn't deal with DRM restrictions.