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> Switching to an XML format doesn't help with that at all.

I'm willing to take it further and say that MARCXML was the worst
thing the library world ever did. Some might argue it was a good first
step, and that it was better with something rather than nothing, to
which I respond ;


MARCXML is nothing short of evil. Not only does it goes against every
principal of good XML anywhere (don't rely on whitespace, structure
over code, namespace conventions, identity management, document
control, separation of entities and properties, and on and on), it
breaks the ontological commitment that a better treatment of the MARC
data could bring, deterring people from actually a) using the darn
thing as anything but a bare minimal crutch, and b) expanding it to be
actual useful and interesting.

The quicker the library world can get rid of this monstrosity, the
better, although I doubt that will ever happen; it will hang around
like a foul stench for as long as there is MARC in the world. A long
time. A long sad time.

A few extra notes;

Can you tell I'm not a fan? :)

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