CodeIgniter is also very well documented - which counts for a lot in my


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Date:	16/11/2010 10:05 AM
Subject:	Re: [CODE4LIB] PHP MVC frameworks
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All your replies have been really interesting.  Thanks.

I am currently looking at CodeIgniter - for no particular reason other than
I have to start somewhere.



On 15 November 2010 21:57, MJ Suhonos <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've actually worked with the Public Knowledge Project for many years, so
> just to shed a little light on the PHP framework that we use: Alec
> our lead architect, has gone on record several times as saying that "the
> last thing the world needs is another PHP framework".
> It came from the organic growth of several parallel applications (OJS,
> the OAI Harvester, and now OMP) sharing code, which we decided to
> into a common layer to improve maintainability.  It was never intended to
> used as a standalone framework, although people have done so with great
> success.  It does have some great features (namely excellent
> and PHP4 compatibility) but I probably wouldn't recommend it over any of
> other, dedicated PHP frameworks mentioned in this thread.
> A cautionary note: try to be clear about your requirements from the
> when choosing a PHP framework, as in my experience (with Zend, CakePHP,
> Symfony, CodeIgniter and YII) there is often a trade-off between
> and things like speed, PHP4 support, etc.  Very little is as frustrating
> using a heavy, highly-featured framework when you just need to cobble
> together a quick prototype on your laptop.
> MJ
> On 2010-11-15, at 6:19 AM, David Kane wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am interested to hear if anyone is using PHP MVC frameworks to help
> with
> > their code.  From what I have learned, they seem to be a very good idea
> > indeed.
> >
> > However, there are so many of them (
> >
> > Also, uses their own one in their PKP (public knowledge
> project)
> > software.
> >
> > Who is using them and what for?
> >
> > David.
> >
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