Hi David,

I've been using the Zend Framework since 2008 and have watched it evolve 
over time.  I've been very pleased with it overall.  The framework has 
become pretty popular, is well documented, and is widely supported.  I 
had some trouble at first because the newest versions were being 
released very rapidly but sometimes lacked in backwards compatibility.  
However, they are now up to version 1.11 and it seems that they have 
ironed out many of the initial glitches.  I primarily use it for its 
action controllers, database functionality, form 
creation/validation/filtering but have used a number of the other 
components as well.


*Valdeva Crema*
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On 11/15/2010 6:19 AM, David Kane wrote:
> Hi,
> I am interested to hear if anyone is using PHP MVC frameworks to help with
> their code.  From what I have learned, they seem to be a very good idea
> indeed.
> However, there are so many of them (
> Also, uses their own one in their PKP (public knowledge project)
> software.
> Who is using them and what for?
> David.