There are JS hooks for cutting and pasting (it's how certain websites add
their little source: tag when you "excerpt" from one of their articles), but
the support is very spotty[1].  And nothing is going to let you detect
cutting and pasting from the URL bar.



Sean Hannan
Web Developer
Sheridan Libraries
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On 11/29/10 1:49 PM, "Ken Irwin" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have just, for the severalth time, just talked to a student who had lost a
> bunch of work in a common way: he had copied-and-pasted a bunch of
> database-content URLs on the fairly-reasonable (but, of course, incorrect)
> assumption that those URLs would get him back to the content later. He
> happened to be in LexisNexis, but it happens in lots of databases.
> Here's what I'm wondering: is there any tasteful/sane way of using JavaScript
> to detect when a user clicks into the URL bar and copies/cuts the URL from a
> page that will do the user no good later? It would, to my mind, be completely
> civilized for the database provider to generate a little popup window alerting
> the user to the error of their ways.
> User education would be great, of course, but some sort of built-in alert
> would be very friendly.
> What think you all? Would JS or some similar tool be able to achieve this?
> Ken