We have implemented an OAI-PMH provider with Java that is available on
Google Code.  It is designed to make MARC or MARCXML data available, but
it could be modified to support other formats.

You might also be interested in our Metadata Services Toolkit which
includes OAI-PMH harvester and repository features, a web UI, and can
handle any XML format.  This would be more of a management tool once all
your data is made available via OAI-PMH.


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I coordinate our statewide cultural heritage collections discovery
service, In the past, we've used a variety of
approaches to interoperability, including Z39.50, SRU, and custom APIs,
but I'm moving more to simple OAI-PMH, because that's what many of the
asset management systems support natively.

Right now I have at least five large collections that are built as MySQL
databases to which I'd like to add OAI-PMH data provider support. The
problem is that many of the tools we've identified, like the OAIBiblio
tool and the Oldenburg tool, use PHP4, and the folks I'm working with
are running PHP5. There's also a need for multi-table support.

Does anybody know of newer tools for OAI data provider support? Good
documentation would be a plus <g>. I do have a small budget this year
for development, so if needed I could contract this out, but I thought
I'd see what's available first.

Danielle Cunniff Plumer, Coordinator
Texas Heritage Online
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
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