Hi Everybody,

It was great having an opportunity to meet everyone on the call yesterday.
I'm looking forward to the evolution of this group and the work that was
scoped out.

Per the encouragement on the call, I decided to contribute a potential
Action Team item under the Standards Group on the NDSA Ideascale site.
Members can link to that entry here:

I would definitely welcome any comments or thumbs up/down. Myself and some
colleagues have already begun some work toward exploring this endeavor, and
it sounds like there may be some opportunities down the road to report out
within the context of this working group and garner some further support.

All around there are some great ideas taking shape for this Standards and
Practices group. Looking forward to their progress.

Talk to everyone soon.


Matt Schultz
Collaborative Services Librarian
Educopia Institute, MetaArchive Cooperative
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