I'm glad you found it helpful and I will definitely consider writing it up
somewhere. Right now I'm also struggling to write something up on the data
modeling problems I had in a way that is comprehensible to anyone other than
me. That might make a good complement to this discussion.

I look forward to any comments or suggestions that you or anyone else has.
We are trying to get as much feedback as possible.


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Kelley, this is great! Thanks. And since you already have so much written
up, would you consider going a bit further and offering it to the code4lib
journal? My reasons are selfish -- i'd like to be able to find and cite this
in the future.

Later I may have a few comments.


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> We called it "FRBR-inspired" since it probably wouldn't pass muster as 
> an orthodox FRBR interpretation. We were looking to experiment with a 
> practical approach that we thought would make it much easier for 
> patrons to discover moving images in libraries and archives. If you 
> haven't read it, the "about" page gives a general overview of our 
> approach at