Event Notification / Call for Participation

The Third International PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference
Building and Sustaining Alternative Scholarly Publishing Projects Around 
the World

The Public Knowledge Project is pleased to announce that, in partnership 
with the Freie Universitšt Berlin, the Third International PKP Scholarly 
Publishing Conference will be held from September 26 - 28, 2011 in 
Berlin, Germany. This is the first time that the PKP Conference is being 
held outside of Vancouver, Canada, and we look forward to meeting more 
members of the growing, international PKP user community. Given that the 
landmark Budapest Open Access Initiative, launched in December 2001, 
will be celebrating its first decade, the conference invites 
explorations of the lessons learned, successes achieved, and setbacks 
overcome in our shared attempts to increase and open access within 
scholarly publishing. The first and second PKP conferences brought 
together a remarkable array of presentations and participants from 
around the world, and we anticipate an equally valuable experience in 2011.

Proposals that address one or more of the following topics are 
especially encouraged:

     * New reading and publishing technologies, e.g., integration of Web 
2.0 features;
     * Reports on national and regional open access policies and 
     * Alternative publishing and funding models;
     * National and international collaborative projects;
     * New roles and partnerships for libraries, scholarly publishers, 
and others;
     * Sustainability for open access publishing and open source software.

The conference will consist of a mixture of plenary presentations, panel 
discussions, brief "lightning talks," posters, workshops, a hackfest, an 
exhibitor hall, and parallel conference sessions in the following streams:

     * Editors, publishers, and librarians
     * Researchers and members of scholarly/scientific societies
     * Software developers and system administrators
     * Community/User groups

Parallel sessions will each be up to 20 minutes in length. Lightning 
Talks and "Ask a Developer" presentations are limited to 5 minutes each. 
Sessions may consist of a case study, a research report, a "big idea" in 
publishing, as well as other options.

Proposals (500 word maximum) should be submitted by March 15, 2011, 
using the submission guidelines and form available on our web site. All 
proposals will be subject to peer-review and you will be informed of a 
decision by June 1, 2011. Due to the strong interest in this year's 
conference, only a limited number of sessions will be accepted.

Submission Formats

1. Papers (20 minutes)
Standard conference papers, to be presented at the conference, with the 
paper posted to the PKP Conference web site.

2. Presentations (20 minutes)
Standard conference presentation, without an accompanying paper. The 
presentation file (e.g., Powerpoint) will be posted to the Conference 
web site.

3. Panels (20 - 50 minutes, depending upon number of panelists)
Standard conference panel session, with the time length determined by 
the number of panelists. All presentation files will be posted to the 
Conference web site.

4. Posters
A poster to be displayed in the common space. The poster file will be 
posted to the Conference web site.

5. Lightning Talks (5 minutes)
Very brief presentations: 5 slides in 5 minutes.The presentation file 
(e.g., Powerpoint) will be posted to the Conference web site. Topics 
could include a new feature development, or a case study of a current 
project (local, regional, national, international) using one or more of 
the PKP software applications.

6. "Ask a Developer" Presentations (5 minutes)
Very brief (5 minute) presentations illustrating a particular problem, 
issue, or need with one or more of the PKP software applications, made 
to an open audience, but also to members of the PKP development team. 
PKP Team members will respond to each presentation with suggestions, 
recommendations, or opportunities for further collaboration.

The Public Knowledge Project is a research and development initiative 
directed toward improving the scholarly and public quality of academic 
research through the development of innovative online publishing and 
knowledge-sharing environments.  Located at the University of British 
Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and Stanford University, PKP has 
developed free, open source software for the management, publishing, and 
indexing of journals and conferences.  Software such as Open Journal 
Systems, Open Conference Systems and Open Monograph Press increase 
access to knowledge, improve management, and reduce publishing costs. 
Over 6500 online journals worldwide are currently using the OJS software.
Kevin Stranack, MLIS
reSearcher/Public Knowledge Project Associate
Email: [log in to unmask]
Skype: kstranack
Don't miss the Third International PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference, 
Sept 26-28, 2011, in Berlin, Germany