Hi Brian,
I've been working on the FRBR-based eCataloger framework running on Google
App Engine for the past couple of years:
Jeremy Nelson
Metadata and Systems Librarian
Colorado College


From: Code for Libraries on behalf of BRIAN TINGLE
Sent: Thu 12/16/2010 1:11 AM
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Subject: [CODE4LIB] collengine, the collection engine; runs on
django-nonrel / app engine

Having been several months since I've tried to run django on the google
app engine, I took a crack at it today with Django appengine

Since it is based on django-nonrel, in theory it does not have vendor lock
in to app engine, so you could start to develop there and move in house if
you need to.

I set up a very simple little app, and it deployed to appspot okay, here
is the code and a short screen cast on my blog

screen cast:
demonstrates the django admin interface running in the google app engine
editing the super basic models

The super basic models:

code repository:

Dose anyone know of any other django or app engine based digital library
metadata collection tools?  Seems like being able to run for free on app
engine (if things fit in google quotas) would be an advantage for small
libraries and short term grant funded projects.  Also, the django-nonrel
looks like is has some interesting search features that could be used in
access systems.

Anyway, just throwing this out there in case it might be useful for the

-- Brian