Are you running Apache server-side? If so, then other thing you can
try is looking at which,
apart from the module, also has some good concepts (in plain english)

But yeah, I think if it's 5Mb, then I'd be looking at doing something
more radical...the page is takes ages to load, and could cause
problems with browsers "not responding" as they try to deal with the
page. I stopped the page fully downloading myself, as it was taking a
lonng time to get it all.

Can you make logical splits in the finding aid? You've got some years
in there, so although they overlap, you might be able to split the
pages that way? Alternatively, can you break the whole thing up,
(using the data in the folder column?), throw it into a database, and
make an auto-suggest feature, using some javascript?



On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 8:49 AM, Nathan Tallman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi Cod4Libers,
> I've got a LARGE finding aid that was generated from EAD.  It's over 5 MB
> and has caused even Notepad++ and Dreamweaver to crash.  My main concern is
> client-side load time.  The collection is our most heavily used and the
> finding aid will see a lot of traffic.  I'm fairly adept with HTML, but I
> can't think of anything.  Does anyone have any tricks or tips to decrease
> the load time?  The finding aid can be viewed at <
> Thanks,
> Nathan Tallman
> Associate Archivist
> American Jewish Archives