I apologize to the working group that I was unable to participate in the call today, my son was sick Wed (and I missed a Content WG call) and today I had the same issues with my daughter.

I would certainly appreciate any notes, etc. that were an outcome of the call. I'm especially interested in what progress was made on the "Work Scope" section and how that relates to the "Schedule", because as currently written my concern is that monthly calls might not be enough interaction to meet our "Deliverables" section.

I raise this based on what I would consider to be an aggressive (but certainly necessary) "work objective". While I agree with the bullets listed in the "work objective", my fear is that we won't be able to achieve those goals without more interaction. 

Anyway, if there are a set of notes that come out of this call, I look forward to reading them and assume that most of the above was probably discussed, and I'm sure I'll get more clarity in DC next week.

Again, sincere apologies for missing the call - it seems at this time of year every child in school is a walking petri dish, just waiting to take a ride on the next kid!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll see many of you next week.


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> If you need to change your organization's representative for this working group, please contact one of your co-chairs: Karen Cariani or Leslie Johnston. 
> If you are not receiving messages from the listserv, please feel free to contact Karen, Leslie, or myself. 
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> Cc: Johnston, Leslie
> Subject: NDSA Infrastructure Working Group
> Hello everyone,
> This is a reminder about our call tomorrow, Friday, Dec 10 at 1:00 EST.  The call in number is:
> Call-in toll-free number:  866-469-3239
> Participant access code:  21408589
> I took the liberty of trying to shape our charter a bit more.  I used the charter the standards working group had developed as a template/guide (thanks Andrea and Jimi!) even lifting some of the bullet points.  I thought it had more focus on action items.  Ive attached the draft here.  We can discuss which version the group thinks is better and edit/change.  I also threw dates into the schedule for discussion.
> Several people e-mailed that they can not attend the call tomorrow.  Id like to encourage you all to e-mail me and Leslie any thoughts you have about the draft charter.  Several have also indicated that Friday at 1:00 for a monthly call is not a great time.  We can reopen the possibility of another time for our monthly calls, or have them move around.  We can discuss on the call how best to do this.
> So lots to talk about.
> Karen
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