Great job Code4Lib!

You've collectively contributed $960 towards the sponsorship of our
2011 conference!  The goal was arbitrarily set at $1000, so we're only
$40 short of that... <salesmans_voice>Anyway want to pitch in those
final dollars? 5, 10, 20?</salesmans_voice>

Also, curious as to whether folks think we should up the goal or stay
with $1000.  I'm thinking we could take the answer from whether anyone
pitches in after we've reached the $1000 point.  If someone
contributes something over $1000, we can take that as a vote to bump
up the goal a bit ($500).  Otherwise, given a little time for people
to think about it, I'll just go ahead and send these funds into
Indiana as "The Code4Lib Community" sponsorship.

On a personal note, I think this level of participation is really
cool.  Thanks to Dan for the idea to have a community sponsorship!
It's been fun to pitch in and see others do the same...