Hi folks,

If you'll be in Bloomington Monday evening, don't forget to sign up for the
Newcomer Dinner [1]. There's still a lot of spots and restaurants for people
to sign up. If you're already signed up, keep an eye out for any information
about meeting places and times provided by your fearless group leaders.

Last year we designated the hotel lobby as a gathering place for groups
before heading over to restaurants, and it got a little chaotic. In the end,
it's up to the group leader to decide and inform where the group's going to

On a related note, there should be badge ribbons for newbies and vets for
self identification at the registration desk starting on Monday. Ribbon

Safe travels and I'll see you all next week,

[1] -
Becky Yoose
Bibliographic Systems Librarian
Miami University
Oxford, OH
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