We have the glad to announce the release of Tematres 1.2.

TemaTres  is a web tool to manage, publish and exploit controlled
vocabularies and other formals representation of knowledge ( thesauri,
taxonomies, glossaries, etc) .

This release includes the following fixes and improvements:

* New Server architecture for controled vocabularios
	(one instalation, many vocabularios)
	Now it is posible to install unlimited vocabularies with a single
TemaTres installation.

* Mapping terminology support (multilingual support)
	A different vocabulary can be added as a data provider via web
servicies to support mapping terminlogy
	This functionality can be used to create multilingual vocabularies,
establishing relations between different locations of a vocabulary or
to establishing relations between differents conceptual domains.
LRE Thesaurus example:

* The mapping module also includes a mechanism to automatically
synchronize terms changes between vocabularies.
	Now we can return to a pre Babel world!!! only one meaning for each
word!!! :-).  EUROVOC example:

* Term editor reports
	A new reporting module has been added. This module allows to create
reports on free terms, repeated terms, terms with more than one
broader term or terms according to their status. The reports are
issued in CSV format.

* Advanced Reports for editors
	The advanced reporting module allows you to set multiple conditions
and filters to create terms reports.
	The filters are
		* by date
		* by user,
		* Terms who have specific type of comments
		* Having or not mapping relations to a particular target vocabulary
		* Terms who have words with a specific suffix, prefix or exact words.
	All the reports are generated in CSV

* Version Upgrade
	Management functionalities had been added to upgrade from database
structure of versions 1.1 and  1.0x to version TemaTres 1.2

* Added Polish localization.
	Karol Krenski ([log in to unmask]) add Polish localization.

* More options for terminology web services
	Mapped terms can be consulted through web services. All terms
references (fetchTargetTerms ) to other vocabularies ( target
vocabularies)  can be consulted

* Fixed minor bugs and features.

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Best Regards and apologies for cross-posting

Diego Ferreyra