Might be worth finding some people from previous years; I think previous years managed recording of presentation projection (if not live screencast), despite presenters swapping out machines. They did it somehow. 

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Code4Lib Presenters - a shared presentation machine? really????

Hopefully, this doesn't sound snotty.  Talk transitions can get bogged
down ... but maybe there's a better way?  Make sure the connections
for all types are up there.  - Naomi

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> Subject: Re: Important information and questions for Code4Lib
> Presenters
> I'm sorry if this creates a wrinkle for you, but I do not intend to
> use an assigned, shared laptop for my presentation.
> My presentation is not fully written yet, but I will not be solely
> stepping through powerpoint slides - far from it.  I intend to run
> code during my presentation:  I need my laptop to do this - it has
> all the programming software I need for it to work:  the correct
> versions of ruby and gems and so on.  If I'm brave, I might even
> write some code as part of my presentation.
> I would fervently hope that other presenters will be doing the same
> - they certainly have in the past.
> Beyond this, I am happy to be recorded, for my presentation to be
> considered public property and to use whichever microphone picks up
> my voice best (and works for my height and my outfit).
> - Naomi
> On Jan 13, 2011, at 2:00 PM, Porter, Dot wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> You are scheduled to present a talk at Code4Lib, to be held in
>> Bloomington IN February 8-10 (conference program:
>> .
>> All talks will be streamed, and following the conference the video
>> will be deposited in the Internet Archive and IU ScholarWorks (IU’s
>> research repository). We’ll need your permission both to stream and
>> to deposit, and at some point you’ll be provided with a permission
>> form. Please let me know now if you don’t intend to give permission
>> to stream and/or to have your talk deposited.
>> There are several logistical issues related to the video streaming.
>> 1)      In order to minimize technical problems mid-session, and to
>> ensure smooth transitions between speakers, we’ll be loading
>> presentation materials on the presentation laptops prior to each
>> session. You should come to the session in which you are scheduled
>> 20 minutes early, with your presentation materials loaded on a USB
>> drive (or be prepared to download your materials from the web), so
>> we’re sure to have time to download everyone’s stuff. If you prefer
>> to run your presentation straight from your USB key we can do that
>> as well, just let me know. There will be volunteers contacting each
>> session’s group of speakers the week before the conference to
>> remind you of this. Please contact me now if you think this
>> requirement will be an issue for you.
>> 2)      In order to have a successful recording, you’ll need to be
>> mic’d. Please let me know if you’d prefer to use the podium mic or
>> a lapel mic. Generally, if you like to move around a lot when you
>> speak, you’re better off using the lapel mic.
>> 3)      Related to the previous point – will your presentation
>> include audio from the laptop? If so, please let me know.
>> Thanks very much. We’re looking forward to having you here next
>> month!
>> Dot
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