This is your final chance to submit a proposal for Elag 2011.

Are your proud of the work you have been doing ? Do you think you know stuff you should share ?
Do you have a great idea ? Are you able to teach your colleagues something ?
Make yourself heard by doing a presentation at Elag 2011 ! 

The theme of this year's conference is taken from the title of a 1994 article by Paul Saffo in Wired magazine. In the article, Saffo wrote "It  is not content but context that will matter most a decade or so from now. The scarce resource will not stuff, but point of view."  More than fifteen years later, context has never been so important in providing information to library customers.

Go to and submit your proposal to do a presentation, moderate a workshop or lead a pre-conference bootcamp at Elag 2011

See you in Prague !!!

Peter van Boheemen
Chair Elag