Sweet, if you have an automated process that produces these reliably, or once you do, please let us know on the Journal list, and we'll see if we can integrate it into our regular production process and provide links to epubs from the journal home pages. 
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Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] An alternate presentation of Code4Lib Journal

Sorry to deprive you of the challenge Greg, but I've made epub versions
(automatically) of issues 1 through 12. Right after epub was first
mentioned, I starting considering how I'd go about converting the site to an
epub package. Of course the holidays intervened, but given it's Jan 2, I put
some spare time towards it et voila!

Download a first draft of the journal in epub here:

Site maintainers may be interested in the error logs. Look for lines saying
"referenced resource missing in package". Sometimes it's my fault (e.g. an
absolute image reference I missed in 3.epub) and sometimes it's a typo (e.g.
a link to that actually points to <a href= in an issue 12
reference). Before posting these epub files live on the site, we should run
through the logs to fix things, perhaps hand-tweak and recompile the HTML as
epub, make sure images are sized correctly on non-iBooks readers (e.g. my
Sony Reader), perhaps add cover art, copyright & table of contents with

Source code is mostly one file (it hasn't been refactored), under MIT
license (from Expat):

Louis St-Amour
York University Digital Media BA student & Osgoode Hall Law School student
webmonkey or on Twitter, @4Lou

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 12:42 AM, Greg Williams <
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> Karen's right, EPUB content is basically XHTML/CSS/graphics, so converting
> from web->EPUB shouldn't be that difficult.
> The hardest part would be properly constructing the required
> manifest/metadata XML files.  After you do all that, creating an EPUB
> archive
> is basically a matter of packaging all the files into a ZIP archive and
> changing
> the file extension.
> If you already have the HTML/CSS/images, a tool like Calibre (
> http://calibre-
> should do a basic conversion.  If you wanted to do a bit more
> customization, something like Sigil (
> could
> also help simplify the task of gathering/organizing content, automatically
> creating required metadata/manifests, etc...  I'm sure there are many other
> tools out there, those are just the two I've been playing with recently
> while
> preparing for an upcoming presentation on EPUB.
> I, for one, would welcome an EPUB version of the Code4Lib journal; I read
> Pragmatic Bookshelf ( and Hacker
> Monthly ( every month in EPUB format (on an
> iPad), and really find the experience much more enjoyable/engaging than
> reading the same content in a browser on my desktop/laptop.
> Time permitting, I might be persuaded to put together a sample EPUB issue
> of
> the journal, if there was any interest...
> -Greg Williams
> West Linn Public Library
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> On Sun, 26 Dec 2010 07:41:34 -0800, Karen Coyle <[log in to unmask]>
> wrote:
> >Epub is essentially HTML at its root, which should make this easier. I
> >think that the Internet Archive may have done this -- they are
> >exporting books in ePub format. I'll forward this question to some
> >folks there (rather than putting their emails in a public list).
> >
> >kc