As Peter notes below, Anthologize is a WordPress 3 plugin -- and I should
add in a alpha release state -- so a WP 3 install where you can install
plug-ins is a pre-requisite.  But it does have a feed importer, so given a
complete RSS feed it would  provide a relatively plain ePub output option.
 There's a download on the Anthologize site Peter linked to; the code is

(Incidentally, I'll be talking about One Week | One Tool development
process Anthologize came out of at code4lib 2011).

-- Scott

Scott Hanrath
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On 1/3/11 3:23 PM, "Peter Murray" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>I wonder if something like Anthologize -- --
>would be useful for doing this.  From its "About" page:
>  Anthologize is a free, open-source, plugin that transforms
>  WordPress 3.0 into a platform for publishing electronic texts.
>  Grab posts from your WordPress blog, import feeds from external
>  sites, or create new content directly within Anthologize. Then
>  outline, order, and edit your work, crafting it into a single
>  volume for export in several formats, including  in this release 
>  PDF, ePUB, TEI.
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