Marketing genius to send this out the morning of payday!  Thanks for running with it! 


Jason Stirnaman
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Hi all,

On the Code4Lib Conference planning list, Dan Chudnov suggested that
we should create a "Code4Lib Community" sponsorship opportunity.  We
all appreciate the sponsorships of our corporate sponsors, but since
the Code4Lib Conference if for, by, and of the people of Code4Lib,
wouldn't it be a great idea if we were also sponsors for it?  I'm not
sure if we're too late to get something like "The Code4Lib Community"
on the t-shirt as a sponsor, but I've created a pool at for
those of us who would like to pool our resources to become a
collective sponsor of the conference.

If this idea interests you, you can contribute at:

If you've enjoyed attending in the past and would like to express your
love (and/or appreciation) for Code4Lib and the annual conference,
this is a great way.  I'm acting as the coordinator of the ChipIn fund
and will pass the collected money onto this year's local hosts so that
it can be used or, at the very least, be passed onto next year's host.

So far we have 4 contributors pitching in $300 (%30 of the way to our
goal of $1000!).  Feel free to contribute any amount you'd like ($5,
$10, $20, $100)... that's the beauty of pooling our resources, every
bit adds to the total.

Thanks for considering this!