Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a great holiday break and a Happy New Year.

From the Doodle poll, Tues, Jan 18 at 11:00 EST is the best time for our next working group call.   The call in information:
Call-in toll-free number:  866-469-3239
Participant access code:  21408589

Also from the the Doodle poll the topic we will start to discuss is:
* Investigate, recognize, and document potential preservation emerging practices in the use of large-scale storage and cloud infrastructures.

This one was a very close second so perhaps on our call we can talk about how we might address both.
* Investigate, share, and recognize emerging practices for use and development and sharing of open source tools and other software that enable digital preservation.

Also, you should have received an e-mail about our wiki page.  The working group charter we developed during our last call that will be guiding our work can be found on the wiki.  It can be found here:

A note from Abbie Grotke about the wiki:

Clarification on wiki login:

Everyone should have an account (Michelle set them up) but I just learned you may not have received a password yet. To generate a password, go here:
Your User Name will be the front part of your email address (for example, for me it is abgr)
Then click on "email new password" and a password should be sent to you.

 Here is a proposed agenda for our phone call:
- determine if the third Tues of every month at 11:00 works best for the working group call
-Update of the NDSA meeting in December
-Wiki overview - discuss how we want to use it
-Discussion and planning to move forward with our two work issues

Thanks everyone, Karen