I'd like to ditto what Roy said below. I know how hard this is to do at all,
and to do it well is the sign of experience and talent.

Definitely a model for others to watch and learn from!


On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 9:17 PM, Roy Tennant <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Robert,
> I just want to give you a public "Thank You!" for the live stream from
> the Conference. Although I wasn't able to watch as much as I would
> have liked, I caught a good deal of Diane Hillmann's wonderful keynote
> and I was happy to have the opportunity. So first of all, thank you
> for doing it at all, and likely forever raising the bar on what hosts
> will be expected to do in the future. The other thing was that I was
> astonished by the quality -- both of the video stream itself and by
> the production values, where at times the camera would be on the
> speaker and at other times on the slides -- thereby giving those of us
> stuck in places we'd rather not be more of the kind of interaction we
> would have in person -- looking at the speaker, looking at the slides,
> etc.
> Although I won't be able to see much of the rest of the conference
> live, due to the multi-day obligation that is my lame excuse for not
> being in Bloomington, I wanted you to know that between the
> combination of the Twitter stream, the Code4Lib chatroom, and the
> livestream, us remote folks have everything but the breakouts and the
> beer. And yeah, we know those are the most important parts. But at
> least we have something, and thanks to you it is something a good deal
> better than ever before. Kudos to your team!
> Roy