On 2/17/2011 12:50 PM, Eric Hellman wrote:
> If list members would like to "name and shame" GPL incompatible interfaces that they're stuck working with, have at it. If I'm mistaken and there are none left, then I'd like to know it.

Well, the problem with "viral" licenses like GPL is that other licenses 
are essentially incompatible with them _unless_ they are open source -- 
at least if you want to share the product of your combination of those 
two libraries.

You can't combine non-open-source code and GPL code in a single project.

Personally, I much prefer "non-viral" type open source licenses like 
Apache or MIT for this reason. The GPL advocates argue that viral-type 
licenses like GPL are "more free" because nobody can take GPL code and 
turn it into a proprietary product.  I see what they're trying to do. 
But from my perspective 'non-viral' open source licenses like Apache are 
'more free' because it gives the user the freedom to combine Apache code 
with non-open-source code in a project. You can't do that with GPL, 
which seems less free to me.