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> How does a person go about exporting MARC records from a III system?

Whenever this comes up, I'm always reminded of those troubleshooting workflow diagrams that always end up with a output of "you poor bastard" regardless of the path chosen [1].

Still, there are options besides those that Stephen brought up:

1) Do they have the Z39.50 server from Innovative? Is the field you that you want to search indexed?
2) Do they have Encore? Have they looked at being a development partner for the Encore Query API [2]?
3) Did they purchase the XML Server product [3] when it was available?
4) Can they send you a list of bib record numbers? If so, you can get the XML records [4].

What's most annoying is that of course Innovative already has the capability to do this MARC record synchronization (e.g., INN-Reach, Encore, Partners) between two systems, but they are all closed. You could work with them as a development partner to open that out, but it's definitely going to cost you a penny or two.


My father worked in nuclear power plant construction, so the fact that he had a substantial collection of these gives me pause now that I'm older.


Yes, it is very annoying that the 'new' Encore Query API product used to be known as the XML Server that ran on the WebPac server, it never really worked properly, and now it's something else that requires a separate Encore server AFAIK. Example XML Server query [ ]


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