Trevor shared this with our internal NDIIPP team - thought you all might be interested too. Congrats to CHNM!


CHNM won a "Save America's Treasures" award for the September 11th digital archive. I saw Tom speculating that it is likely the first of award like this given to a born digital collection (not sure if that is the case but I think there is a good chance he is right). It is nice to have a born digital collection recognized as one of the "nation's most significant historic sites and collections" by NPS, PCAH, he NEA, NEH, and IMLS. It might make a nice news story.

Press release at:

While they funded a ton of projects it was nice to see the 911 archive made the pull quote from Jim Leach. "The grants awarded today include funds to conserve, and recover the sound from, an 1878 tinfoil phonograph recording made by Thomas Edison, as well as resources to provide for the long-term preservation of digital materials documenting the events of September 11," said NEH Chairman Jim Leach. "Save America's Treasures ensures that future generations will have access to objects, recordings, and artifacts that define American history."