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I hope you are respectively well.
I was reflecting on this past Tuesday's iRODS presentation by Reagan
Moore and was thinking it may be fruitful to begin both an on-going
mailing list discussion as well as an aggregation of "take-aways",
features, recommendations, themes, etc on the wiki from each of the
Cloud Presentations.
Clearly, we want to be distilling out the practices offered by the
various expert presenters and gaining consensus on the benefits and
drawbacks of the different strategies.
To those ends, I have updated the wiki page with some placeholders for
collecting and comparing presented solutions.

In addition to providing the questions to the presenters beforehand, I
would suggest requesting brief written responses (if possible) prior
to the presentations to help maximum the short hour.

So to start of the discussion, what are your opinions of iRODS?
What are preservation themes iRODS captures that should be added to
the list of recognized practices?
What follow-up questions do you have?

As a note, a user guide to MediaWiki's editing features can be found here:
If you have a moment, please add your thoughts to the NDSA wiki.