Hello everyone,

We had a busy couple of weeks with the cloud presentations.  There are a number of catch up actions I we need to do like post meeting notes and presentation slides to the wiki.  I also want to remind everyone of the wiki page for the cloud presentations that Trevor Owens set up.

Andrew Woods suggested that we all add notes and thoughts about the presentations on the wiki page so we can compare the presented solutions and perhaps get a step closer to our recommended practices. I am encouraging you all to do that.  A user guide to MediaWiki's editing features can be found here:

If you feel uncomfortable adding comments to the wiki, please send them via e-mail and perhaps we can get an e-mail discussion started.

Our next group call is scheduled for Tues, March 15 at 11:00 EST.  I'll send out a calendar invite.  We had agreed on the third Tues of every month at 11:00 EST for our regular call.  If enough people in the group can't make this time, we can changes it.  Just let me know.

Same call in info:

Call-in number:  866-469-3239
Participant access code:  21408589