Hello fellow NDSA Standards group members! This is a reminder that our next working group WebEx will next Monday, March 7 at 1:00 EST. The meeting will last one hour. WebEx connection information will follow in this email.

We of the federal government are looking at the possibility of a government shutdown if we don't get at least a temporary budget passed by this Friday, March 4. In the unhappy event that we do have a shutdown I've asked Andrea to run the WebEx and the meeting for us. Fingers crossed that our leaders across the street can work something out to keep us afloat for a while, anyway.

Andrea and I cooked up a rough agenda for our meeting. It follows:

*         Review the template for the standards survey entries

*         Revisit action teams for the survey work - is everyone who wants to work on this project signed up for a team? How best for the teams to proceed in terms of divvying up the work?

*         What is the best way to start collating the survey entries? Should we use Google Docs?

*         Matt Schultz of MetaArchive had a great idea for some work for our team. This would be a parallel project to the survey. I've included some information about it in this email. We'd like to let Matt unpack this idea for us a bit.

*         Andrea and Karen Cariani have been talking about coordinating some of our survey work with the Infrastructure group. We should talk about how best to do this.

*         Other business

I'm including a bit from an email from Matt Schultz to me so that we are all on the same page about what he's suggesting. I'm hoping he will discuss it further for us. I've asked him to create a page in the wiki to explore this idea further. Here's a bit from his email:

" I have been working closely with a number of private LOCKSS network representatives to explore the need for describing a framework that would help with applying the OAIS Reference Model to the distributed digital preservation environment. By distributed digital preservation, we think of a number of groups and developers including but not limited to MetaArchive, DataPass, Chronopolis, DuraSpace/DuraCloud, iRODS, DAITSS, etc.
I have a MediaWiki page setup in our MetaArchive internal wiki that I could virtually cut/paste directly into the NDSA wiki if it seemed like a kosher prospect. But I'd love to hear your thoughts, cautions, or advice for directions and/or alternatives."

Sounds interesting so let's discuss further next week.

I'm looking forward to our meeting next week! Talk to you all soon.



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