On Mar 24, 2011, at 6:33 PM, David Friggens wrote:

> Disappointed not to show up in there though. The are 6 subscribers with a
> New Zealand domain, but no mark on the map. (In comparison NGC4Lib has 17
> and has a mark over Wellington.)

Last night I tweaked the interactive maps. [1] The result is three-fold: 1) there are bigger circles for places where there are fewer subscribers, 2) there are smaller circles for places like Gmail, and 3) I added markers complete with hover labels listing the domain and number of subscribers. Unfortunately, the markers obscure the circles when viewing the map from the greatest distances. The circles become more apparent once one zooms in. Also, my Geo::IP modules comes with a database, and the database may not be 100% complete. Consequently, not every domain maps to a geo-location.

Oh, well. It was fun and informative, even if it is not 100% accurate or usable.

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