Digital Library Federation Launches New Web Site

March 7, 2011—The Digital Library Federation (DLF), a program of the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR), today launched its new Web site at

The site provides a dedicated space for the DLF community, while also serving as a resource and communication hub around important ideas and trends developing in the broader digital library community.

“The new DLF site will facilitate conversations, raise awareness, and provide a space for collaboration,” said DLF Program Director Rachel Frick. “It is where you learn not only what is being done, but also how to actively contribute to the effort. The site is a dynamic resource, and we welcome input, ideas, and suggestions for content.”

“This is an exciting step in expanding communication between DLF and the broader digital library community," said CLIR President Chuck Henry. “Engaging this community will be essential as we explore models of collaboration that increase efficiency while also enhancing the infrastructure and services for scholarship and teaching.”

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