In the Standards and Best Practices WG, we are working on a project
that we think may intersect with the interests and mission of the
Infrastructure WG. We are compiling a database of digital preservation
standards and best practices. We're doing this to not only record what
standards and best practices already exist, but to also identify
opportunities where we could collaborate with others and to identify
gaps that our WG could address. Initially the database is for NDSA use
but we would make it publicly available in the future.

There's a section in it to document related software. So for example
if the record is about PREMIS metadata we could document software that
can output metadata in the PREMIS format. Currently we're only
recording a little bit about the software: name, version, website,
description, and how it relates to the standard. Since the
Infrastructure WG has sharing of information about tools in its
mission, we thought you all might have an interest in the related
software part of the database. If so, we could either give you write
access to the database or we could remove our related software fields
and instead link to a software database maintained by the
Infrastructure WG.

If there's time on the next Infrastructure WG call, I was hoping we
could get this on the agenda. Unfortunately I can't make the  call - I
have a standing meeting on Tuesdays during that time. But I believe
Kris Carpenter Negulescu can make that call and she's also a member of
the Standards WG so would be able to field questions on the project.



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