Hi Infrastructure Team, 

On the call yesterday there seemed to be general consensus that going forward we should try to have future presentation calls driven by the common questions we are developing. The suggestion stands to refine our list of questions and pre-circulate them to future presenters in the future to serve as the basis of our discussions and also help us start to pull together a set of materials for us to draw on as we document emerging practice. 

I am thinking it will work best for us to discuss these questions over the list so that everyone stays in the loop. So it would be great if you could take a few minutes to read through the questions below and either suggest additional questions, suggest which you think are particularly valuable, or suggest questions we should think about dropping. I will then keep tabs on our discussion and move over our resulting set of questions to the wiki for us to refer there. 

==Questions for Service Providers==
This is the list of questions we started drafting to guide discussion for our first three calls. 

*What sort of use cases is your system designed to support? What doesn't this support? 
*What preservation strategies would your system support? 
*What preservation standards would your system support? 
*What resources are required to support a solution implemented in your environment 
*What infrastructure do you rely on? 
*How can the cloud environment impact digital preservation activities? 
*If we put data in your system today what systems and processes are in place so that we can get it back 50 years from now? (Take for granted a sophisticated audience that knows about multiple copies etc.) 

==Questions for Member Implementers==
A second thought on the call was to develop and get participating members to answer a common set of questions around their implementations cloud and large scale storage initiatives. Here is a first attempt at those questions.  I think this list is too long, so we probably want to cut it down. What questions should we keep? What should we drop? What else do we need to add?

*What is the particular preservation goal or challenge you need to accomplish and what large scale storage or cloud technologies are you using to meet that challenge? 
*Specifically, what kind of materials are you preserving (text, data sets, images, moving images, web pages, etc.) 
*How big is your collection? (In terms of number of objects and storage space required) 
*What are your performance requirements? 
*What storage media have you elected to use? (Disk, Tape, etc) 
*What do you think the key advantages of the system you use? 
*What do you think are the key problems or disadvantages your system present? 
*What important principles informed your decision about the particular tool or service you chose to use? 
*What kind of performance requirements are you doing? 
*Which service providers or tools did you consider? How did you make your choice? 
*How frequently do you migrate from one system to another? 
*What is your particular preservation goal? (for example, reuse, public access, internal access, legal mandate, etc.)

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