To those who are interested in transitioning to git from Subversion, I
can recommend the excellent git-svn tool
( that
comes with git.

You can clone (git for "checkout") directly from an svn repository:

  git svn clone

Version control locally using git, merging any changes from the svn repository:

  git svn rebase

and when you're done, commit the final changes back to the svn repository:

  git svn dcommit

This lets you learn how to work with git locally (branching and
merging like gangbusters and making frequent commits) without fear of
messing up your svn repository in any conversion process. It's a very
smooth intro to the DVCS way of working.

One caveat--git-svn only works well when svn development is done
entirely on trunk instead of in branches. Since the main reason people
switch to git is for easier branching, this is usually not a problem.

And thanks for the recipes. It looks like the key to baconless brussel
sprouts is to a) roast them, or b) make them sweet like candy.